Blue Pomegranate


In Iran, the pomegranate flower is the symbol of love, heaven, joy, and eternal life.

This motif of pomegranate flower was uniquely handpainted on jeans by Pari, a women refugee from Iran. By purchasing this product, you support women refugees. We dedicate 50% of our profit to them.

Technique: Paintbrush on jeans

Size: S

Measures in cm: waist – 70 / hip – 84 / trouser leg – 88 / inseam – 63

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Shah Abbasi is one of the main flowers in Iranian traditional design that bloomed in the history of Iranian art in the Safavi era. The name of this motif “Shah Abbasi” comes from the great Shah Abbas one of the Safavi empire’s kings who lived in the 16th century.

This motif is found in Iranian carpet, rugs, weaving, architecture, paintings and crafts. The origin of the plant motif comes from the pomegranate flower as the symbol of love, heaven, joy, and eternal life.


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Blue Pomegranate


1 in stock